The Patience of Miss Price
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    The Patience of Miss PriceThe Patience of Miss PriceThe Patience of Miss Price

    The Patience of Miss Price

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    Miss Fanny Price; From the original character inspired tea line from Jane Austen's novel, Mansfield Park in our Jane Austen Tea Series® Teas.

    While many are quick to overlook Fanny as a true heroine for her lack of strong will or quick wit; our take of her character resulted in something quite different. We chose to showcase Fanny in a strong, black tea with vanilla, as we believe it takes strength of character to hold fast to your beliefs, maintaining a pure sweetness in the face of daily belittling. A strong yet gentle tea that is there for Lady Bertram and Edmund whenever they need her. 

     Her steadiness and calm, her patience and forbearance is something we could all use from time to time. Here, this cup is patiently awaiting you at the end of a long day or any teatime event.

     A finely cut CTC black tea that will steep quickly when you need it and a creamy finish to comfort you.  Steeps @ 16 cups. Packaged by weight, not volume.

    Recommended steeping is full boil 205 degrees for 2-3 minutes and a splash of cream

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